Item# shipping

Product Description

You can choose one of the following way to ship your order:

1- Ground (cheapest way for US mainland)

We use UPS ground as our main carrier. The shipping cost is decided by the order's weight which is upon pieces and sizes of items.

If you want more information, please check

2- Priority or Express

We use US postal service as our Air carrier which can ship to all US 50 states plus, APO/AFO,US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

3- Your UPS account

We can ship your order by your UPS account for UPS ground shipping only.

4- US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico,Hawaii

Since there is no Truck which can going across sea, you have to choose Air shipping (Priority or Express). If the time is allowed, we recommend you to find cargo service (or freight broker) in main port. We can send the order to the certain port by UPS ground. At the port, your cargo service ( or freight broker) can load your order into the ship which goes to your place. We think it may save you some money comparing to Air. It may not work for small order.

To US Virgin Islands, please check: .